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The tobacco industry is spending
millions to get Maine children to start
using tobacco. Truth is, tobacco is
addictive, deadly, and it’s sold with lies.

Together we can empower teens
to make healthy choices and stand
up against Big Tobacco!

Our Goal

To empower Maine teens to take
a stand against negative peer
pressure and make healthy choices,
in an overall effort to reduce initiation
of tobacco use among youth.

About Unleash Your C is designed to
provide an engaging and informative
environment exclusively for teens
to learn about the power of personal
choice and how these choices affect
their lives, their friends and family,
and ultimately the world around them.

The Choice Theme

“C” stands for choice. All teens, regardless of gender, geographic location, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income or age, make choices. Tension exists when teens want to be in control of their choices, but have not yet been exposed to the experiences, education and skills required to take this control. Since teens are impulsive by nature, focusing on the choices they need to make to become who they want to be is an empowering and inspirational message.

Unleash Your C Messages

  • Don’t let your choices own you.
  • Be empowered to make healthy
  • Understand the consequences
    of your choices.
  • Using tobacco is a choice that
    can own you.
  • Tobacco is a choice that can
    spawn negative cosmetic,
    social and health effects.
  • Tobacco companies will deceive
    you. Don’t let them make your
    choices for you.
  • Don’t be bent and swayed by
    peers who might pressure you
    to smoke.
  • If you use tobacco, don’t let your
    choice control you anymore.

How Can Teens Get Involved?

  • It’s easy, teens can…
  • Check out the website at
  • Friend Unleash Your C on Facebook
    and MySpace for up-to-date information
    on events and contests and to interact
    with the Unleash Your C street team.
  • Show us how they C it through videos and submit them at
  • Get help with quitting by calling the The Maine Tobacco HelpLine number just for teens—1-800-NEW-CHOICE (1-800-639-2464).

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